Cap'n Ron Witherow
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Member of
National Guild of Hypnotist
Board Certified Hypnotist
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Cap'n Ron's performance at YOUR party will have your guests telling everyone how great of a party you throw

A COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW energizes your party and involves your guests.

Entertainment may be the most important part your party. The food and drinks will eventually be forgotten, but the Comedy Hypnosis of Cap'n Ron will make your occasion an event that people will remember long after it is done.

This unique entertainment is perfect for, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Halloween Parties, Family Reunions, Sweet 16 Parties, Christmas's Parties, Anniversary Parties, Family Reunions and Private Parties in general.

Cap'n Ron is adaptable to just about any situation. He has been conducting shows for years and has been a Professional Hypnotist for over 30 years.

Cap'n Ron's Shows works with teens to active adults.

A Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show can be presented in private home, a club, a banquet hall or restaurant. Anywhere there is room for the volunteers and audience! This Hypnosis Show can run from 45 to 75 minutes. He combines comedy and Hypnosis, to create a lively show that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Entertainment may be the most important part your party. The food and drinks will eventually be forgotten, but the Comedy Hypnosis of Cap'n Ron will make your occasion an event that people will remember long after it is done.

Cap'n Ron's Comedy Hypnosis Show is a complete turnkey operation; He will set up everything needed, from sound equipment to backdrops at your location to create a stage area. Room for 6-10 chairs and access to a regular 110 outlet, for the sound system stage hypnotist.

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College Entertainment Comedian Hypnotist Cap'n Ron helps campus event planners create unforgettable events with interactive student entertainment guaranteed to keep everyone laughing! Book the College Hypnotist for your campus entertainment, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well-received this interactive entertainer is received at your school. Expect to break attendance records! College hypnosis shows are the ultimate entertainment choice for:

  • Athletic Awards Banquets
  • Campus Festivals
  • Comedy Nights
  • Freshman Orientation Programs
  • Greek Week Unity Days
  • Homecoming Events
  • Housing and Residential Life events
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Move-in Day Picnics
  • Rush Week
  • Student Activities Programs
  • Teacher and Student Conferences
  • Welcome Week Programs
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High School Hypnotist Cap'n Ron works with student activity committees across the nation to create unforgettable campus events. Your student volunteers become the actual stars of the Comedy High School Hypnosis show! Cap'n Ron's Comedy Hypnosis Show creates memorable high school entertainment for:

  • Academic and Athletic Club Banquets,
  • Freshman Orientation Programs,
  • Grad Night Parties,
  • High School Assemblies,
  • Project Graduation,
  • Homecoming Events,
  • Post Proms,
  • Senior Breakfasts
  • Student Leadership Gatherings
  • Teacher or Student Conferences
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Civic & Fraternal Organizations

Over the past few years, the popularity of using Cap'n Ron's Comedy Hypnosis Shows as a fund raising event has grown. With the economy being down, many organizations are now forced into finding new ways to raise funds. Ron's is a fresh and unique alternative to the traditional "same old, same old" fund raisers like selling candy, spaghetti dinners and car washes. Ron's Comedy Hypnosis Shows is 100% pure entertainment, and the general public WANTS to be entertained no matter what shape the economy is in!! (Hollywood is proof of that!). Best of all, there are NO financial risks when using his show as a fund raising event. Payment for the show is based on a commission of the gross ticket sales. The organization handles all ticket sales and money. Cap'n Ron provides full promotional material for the show and works with the organization to provide step-by-step advice on how to achieve maximum audience turnout

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Country Clubs


Club Managers - Event Planners - Entertainment Directors - Entertainment Committees

Cap'n Ron's Hypnosis Show will Entertain and Pack Your House

Cap'n Ron will Fill Your Club House & Raise YOUR Revenue!

Hypnotic Entertainer Cap'n Ron has been hypnotizing audiences across globally for years.

Cap'n Ron's Comedy Hypnosis Show is great as a dinner & show and will be a hit at your club. The best time to begin the show is right after dinner. Cap'n Ron does not require special lighting or staging and has a microphone and sound system available. The show is clean material that your audience will love. At Country Clubs, Resorts, 55+ Communities and Service Clubs this show will bring in from 60 to 175 people. Depending on time of year and your community. It's a guaranteed hit!

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Corporate Events

After Dinner Entertainment, - Association Conferences, - Awards Banquets, - Client Appreciation Events,

Company Holiday Party, - Conference Kick Offs, - Employee Appreciation, -
Motivational Team Building

By hiring Corporate Hypnotist Cap'n Ron, you can rest easy knowing that you have hired an accommodating professional that will show up on time and ready to perform. Most importantly, your company will thank YOU for setting up this program

Cap'n Ron is a special event entertainer that works with event planners, corporate entertainment committees, party planners, and event coordinators nationwide. His Comedy Hypnosis Shows create unforgettable experiences with interactive special event entertainment guaranteed to keep everyone laughing!

As an event planner you know how hard finding good entertainment can be. You need someone you can trust and rely on to deliver good clean quality entertainment and deliver the results you are looking for

The Corporate Hypnosis Show can run from 45 to 90 minutes to accommodate your needs and can be tailored for your organization with routines specifically for your event.

If you're serving dinner the best time to begin the hypnosis show is right after dessert has been served, when your group is together and table service can stop temporarily.

A photograph of Cap’n Ron Witherow’s stage performance; the image is of people on stage under hypnosis and they have been commanded to wear large goofy sunglasses and these glasses have x-ray vision.

Cap'n Ron brings them to their knees in side-splitting laughter and produces the hottest, most hilarious, and unforgettable hypnotic stage shows in the country

He combines audience participation, psychology, humor, intense drama and mind blowing mystery to create a rare and unforgettable entertainment experience. Regardless of age, background or education, Cap'n Ron takes everyone on an astounding journey into the unknown

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Agents Welcome

What is the Fee?
Fees are reasonable and within your budget.
Fee is based on variables such as show length, number of attendees date, time, location, and budget for your event and can range from $400 to $3000

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